Marcy McDonald

Please Go Through Everything Before Your Session

Common Questions

1. How do you usually work with clients?

Our goal is to shift you from feeling overwhelmed, burned out, and exhausted to feeling calm, clearheaded, energized, purposeful, and in control. The way I do that is through teaching, guided practice, innovative exercises, and tailored strategies that show you not just what to change but how to change it and sustain it. By the way, what you need to change probably isn’t what you think it is. This is deep work with practical applications, accountability, and comforting but insightful support.


Years ago I watched a friend spiral out of control over a little thing that wasn’t important. She was super smart, funny, and a highly successful professional—one of the top women in her field. And yet she blew her stack over a tiny mistake. Worse, she held onto that anger for several days, ruining her first weekend off in months. She was so burned out by the sacrifices she’d made for her career that her exhaustion spilled out into what precious little time she had for herself, friends, and family. And then she resented her friends and family for ruining her weekend, when it was her reaction that did the trick.

I myself had been in a similar state of mind for many years—on edge and negative about everything—until I left my corporate job. Once I quit, I started trying to figure out how to counteract the toll it had taken on me. I became hyperaware of how many of my friends were also being eaten alive by the unrelenting pressure of their jobs. I was already searching for ways to heal myself, but at that point, I decided I needed to find a way to help other women like us as well. We did so much for so many people, worked so hard, and at the end of the day, no one did the same for us.

I started exploring the neuroscience of emotions and learned that the emotional mind has so much more power over us than I ever realized. I’d always considered myself a highly rational person. And yet, I saw that my emotional mind had been sabotaging my good intentions for years. As I dug in deeper, I developed and did a series of exercises designed to gain and change my perspective over what I was feeling. Those exercises eventually became a book and part of the tools in my coaching program. Most important, I was able to finally achieve a calm state of mind that I can hold onto or quickly get back to no matter what chaos is going on around me. From there, I was able to restore my focus and rekindle my sense of purpose.

How could I not share that? Helping other women know their self worth outside of work is so important to me. Showing them what’s worth paying attention to, what they should ignore, and how to do both better has become my mission. Life is different once you sort that out. Life is amazing once you sort that out. All the burdens you’ve been carrying that don’t actually belong to you, all the self-criticism, all the things you’ve been killing yourself to do that aren’t actually important—well, it’s a game changer, my friends.

And I want to change your game—it’s the most important work I can do. It’s also the most important work for you to do, if you want to live a full, satisfying, and happy life.


What happens when you focus your attention on healing how you think and feel, on how you spend your time, on your own well-being? You start to enjoy life again.

You get your breath back, literally. Instead of the shallow breaths that come with unrelenting stress, you’ll be taking the deep breaths that quickly restore your peace of mind.

You’ll be able to hear what you’ve been telling yourself that’s negative. You’ll notice how you’ve been beating yourself up for not being good enough, even for your own exhaustion. You’ll replace those thoughts with positive ones that lift you up. You’ll turn destructive negativity into energizing, clarifying positivity.

You’ll stop working endlessly, and you’ll learn to shut it off when you’re done with your day. You’ll own your own time. You’ll sleep better. You’ll feel healthier. That burden of exhaustion you’ve been carrying will dissipate. You’ll replace it with the joy of your natural energy.

You’ll realize that you’re more than just your career. That you are valuable and deserve to be treated as such. That you deserve a life outside of work. That you deserve a life that makes you happy. And… you’ll be prepared to get all that.

You’ll look forward to your days. You’ll look forward to your nights and weekends. And you’ll know, without a doubt, that you won’t be losing any more of your time and your life to emotional stress. You’ll be able to claim your inner oasis, that peace of mind that belongs just to you, and that no one can ever take away.


The Inner Oasis Program kicks off with a technique to calm your mind and immediately counteract the overwhelm in your life. In the following sessions, we use the principles of neuroscience to balance your emotions and practice how to control and actually choose what you want to feel.

Your heightened self-awareness leads inevitably to lower stress and better focus. Gradually, we develop a toolkit using techniques ranging from guided visualizations to exercises from the perspective of your final days. These add both clarity and motivation as you shift to putting yourself first.

Once you’re emotionally empowered, we’ll integrate these strategies more specifically into your work to restore your sense of purpose, upleveling your productivity while reducing the time you work. Yes, it can happen. You can work less yet be more focused, more satisfied, and more effective. You’ll be able to attain and maintain the work-life balance you need to feel healthy, engaged, and satisfied with both work and life.

Each week, you’ll practice all the strategies and techniques so you can weave these practical solutions into your everyday personal and professional life. From start to finish, you’ll feel supported, appreciated, uplifted, and understood in ways you may never have experienced before.

Reimagine. Reset. Reinvent.

2. What can I expect from the call?

We’re going to explore what’s working and what’s not working in your professional and personal life right now. We’ll sort out what the biggest challenges are and how they’re affecting your entire life—your health, your sleep, your energy, your motivation, and your happiness. Once we’ve gotten clear about what’s not working, we’ll look at what you imagine your life could be like if all these things were fixed. With a clear understanding of your vision, we’ll look at what it would mean to you if that vision became a reality—and what it would be like if it never happens.

Once we’re both clear on what’s going on with you, we’ll discuss your goals. And if we determine working with Marcy is your best next step toward achieving your goals and solving your root issues, we’ll talk about that. If it ends up not being a fit, we’ll still point you in the direction of resources that will help you.

3. Who is Marcy McDonald?

Marcy is one of 100 people worldwide to be chosen as a Partner in Season 2 of the innovative and forward-thinking TV show, The Social Movement: 4 Days to Change the World. She will be teamed with nine other visionaries to engineer financially viable solutions to solve 10 global social issues. They’ll have four days to create a business plan and pitch it to investors and viewers to get their mission funded.

Eight to 10 million people are expected to watch the show on Amazon Prime, Apple TV, Hulu, Roku, Xbox, Google+, and Fire TV. The show releases Labor Day 2022 and is filming in Miami in 2021. You can see a preview here:

A deeply experienced author, Marcy has published 100s of articles, as well as multiple blogs and vlogs. She has written several books, including Build Happiness: Block-Based Exercises to Change Your Perspective and Change Your Life. She’s the creator of the 3-dimensional UnBlocks™, a neurologically based tool designed to help you change how you think and feel in lasting ways.

Before she escaped the corporate world, she co-ran product development for The Great Courses, overseeing high-end video and audio courses for lifelong learners. In this capacity, she worked with intellectual luminaries such as Neil deGrasse Tyson, as well as experts from every major university, National Geographic, Culinary Institute of America, and the Smithsonian.

As one of fewer than 40 people to attain the International End of Life Doula certification, Marcy is able to apply the deep listening skills, perspective, and sensitivity she learned in that process to her coaching clients and programs.

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Emma J., video testimonial

Some People We’ve Worked With

Meghan R.

“Marcy and I met about six years ago & little did I know that, in each conversation, she was helping me to see what already existed within me. She has an uncanny ability to observe an issue from all angles. While she’ll never directly tell me what to do, unless I ask, she has the ability to plant the seed of an idea in my mind that often leads to the best choice. A constant source of grounding, peace, & unique perspective, Marcy provides advice & subtle direction when I need it most (but don’t know I need it!). She is direct, with softness, & empowers me to make the best decision for my own well-being, & then by extension, my family. I would recommend Marcy’s coaching for any endeavor: personal or professional. You won’t find another person as prepared to help you figure out your best life.”

Janet S.

“I was in a very dark place. I’ve been at my job for 33+ years, feeling stuck, the velvet handcuffs. I was unhappy—not liking what I did for a living, not enjoying any aspect of my personal life any longer. It started to affect my physical health, my mental well-being. Well, Marcy really turned that around for me. She gave me the tools that I didn’t have in my toolbox to deal with those daily frustrations, to deal with the overwhelming negativity. One conversation with Marcy and I shifted my perspective in a way that was a complete game-changer. I was able to get up and go to work the next day with new insights and new tools that I didn’t have prior to working with Marcy. This is a heartfelt thank you and a heartfelt recommendation because what she did for me was truly life-changing.”

Jennifer S.

“Marcy’s super power is her ability to see through the clutter and get to the heart of the actual issue that needs to be solved, & with a road map. She really helped me focus. As the calm voice of reason, Marcy has helped me personally as well as professionally. Not only did her direction give me clarity and motivation, but also her coaching has helped me create products that have sold millions of dollars. I now have the skills & confidence to reach my goals–AND I have reached them. I wouldn’t be where I am today without her.”

Tatyana G.

“Before I worked with Marcy on transformation coaching, I was struggling with finding my bigger purpose in life. I was looking for the direction and who I want to become, and it wasn’t until I started working with Marcy that I was able to get clarity on what I want to do. Marcy helped me experience a breakthrough in listening deeply to my intuition and identifying the work I’m called to do. Through just one guided visualization, she helped me realize what kind of legacy I want to create and leave in this world and how I can do this. The sense of urgency that came with experiencing the legacy exercise was so real that it woke me up to be my better self. I feel she’s unlocked the keys to the next level in my life. Thank you, Marcy!”

Claire M.

“I wanted to say how much I benefited from Marcy’s program. It was amazing. I came across her program at a time in my life when I was really struggling. I was going through a lot and the issues I was having spilled into my life in the areas of emotional eating, stress eating, anxiety, and lack of self-care. What I was looking for was a lot of help to not just manage these things, but get beyond them. Marcy gave me a lot of tools—practical things I could use in my everyday life. I was really looking to be more mindful about what I was eating, how I was eating, and it has really changed my life. I was able to change everything I was doing and improve my nutrition, my body confidence, the way I view food, and the way I’d been eating. All of that has done a wonderful thing for my life. I have loved your program, and it has changed my life. It’s been a godsend. I’m extremely grateful and can’t recommend Marcy highly enough.”

Emma J.

“For me the best thing about working with Marcy was the way she would help me get perspective on a situation. It wasn’t like she was telling me what to do. She didn’t have one set formula that she laid on me. She truly listened to me, in a way that I’m not sure anyone ever has before. I felt heard. Like she really saw me, outside of who I had become at work. She saw the inner me that’s been trying to get out. She was able to help me through creative exercises and questions she asked, and it was done in a way that I was able to step back and decide on a response rather than just reacting emotionally. Just gaining that ability to pause, step back, and realize that I have choices about how to respond was really huge. Interestingly, it helped with my self-esteem too. Getting the ability to take the reins in my own hands was hugely beneficial, and for that, I’m very grateful. I feel calm and in control of my own life again.”