The Inner Oasis Program

A 9-week Program to Help Professional Women Feeling Overwhelmed & Burned Out Create a Life of Inner Calm.

Who Am I?

I used to work a high-level corporate job, earning a six-figure income. To get to that level meant I’d worked 80-90 hours a week for years. I used to love my job, but the unrelenting pressure and expectations to always do more and do it better took a huge toll on me. I was completely married to my work with no outside life, and I was completely burned out. I dreaded going to work every morning.

On the outside, I looked like a great success, but on the inside, I was a mess—totally miserable. And I couldn’t figure out what to do about it because I was so overwhelmed and exhausted.

One Friday night I was stuck late at the office, trying to finish up work my boss had thrown at me at the last minute so he could have a long weekend. I suddenly realized that I was the only one in the building—not just that night, but every night. And I also realized that it wasn’t really my boss driving me insane. It was me. And it had to change.

Eventually I took all my savings and left the company, took off a few years to work on myself to unravel the stress, the burnout, and the emotional roller coaster I’d been on. Through different techniques and after a slew of trainings, working with coaches, travelling and soul searching, I created a life that was designed to nourish me, put the focus on my wellbeing, and gave me the inner peace that I never knew was possible—which gave me the wings to start my own burnout recovery program for others like myself.

I don’t want it to take you years to get relief, like it did for me. That’s why I’ve created my program to fast-track deep, practical, and lasting change for you. The calm, clarity, and control I experience every day can be yours.

Marcy McDonald holds a Master’s Degree from the University of Virginia. She is one of fewer than 40 people to have attained the International End of Life Doula Certification. She is a member of the Prescott Area Professional Coaches and has taken coursework with Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, Eben Pagan, and Preston Smiles, among others. She has written several books and 100s of articles.

About My Program


Who It Is For?

I help professional women in their 40s & above who have successfully climbed the corporate ladder but in the process have given up on their life & their health. They are facing exhaustion in all ways possible. They’ve lost their drive & feel emotionally overwhelmed and burned out.

By working with me, they will break negative, self-sabotaging patterns. They’ll rebuild their identity to something bigger than work, get their energy levels back, & create a healthy work-life balance. As a result, they’ll recover from the physical & emotional symptoms of burnout so they feel calm, happy, and motivated once again.


Who It Is Not For?


  • Diagnosed with a mental illness, e.g. chronic depression, and on any medication related to their mental health.
  • Diagnosed with serious physical illness or chronic illness.
  • Looking for a quick fix, not ready to put in the time to create the necessary changes or unwilling to take responsibility for their own learning and progress.

Also, please be advised that this program is not a substitute for psychotherapy, counseling, or any other mental health services.

Module One

Step 1: Reset


  • Find perspective when your emotions are running amok with a proprietary exercise that will allow you to face the storms of your mind & yet keep yourself calm.
  • Using Rational Mind Breathwork, stop overwhelm in its tracks so you can immediately feel and function better.
  • Calm your state of mind so you can let go of the chaos long enough to start thinking clearly again.


It probably feels like it’s all the things around you that are making you feel overwhelmed. They’ve contributed, sure. But in this module, you’ll begin the first of many small shifts that break through the hold of those outside influences and make a saner life possible and attainable. As part of this module, we will be using a deeply cathartic technique to clear both the psychological and emotional debris that not only stops you from thinking clearly, but also stops you from feeling in control.

It’s not a more effective to-do list or better schedule that will keep overwhelm from affecting you. It’s resetting how your brain and body are reacting to the demands on you. That’s why we start with understanding how your brain is sabotaging you and how to counteract that in any situation in the fastest way possible. This module will help you step onto an island of peacefulness no matter what is going on around you. Begin to see and experience life differently than you ever thought possible.

Module Two

Step 2: Take Charge of Your Emotions


  • With the Awareness Process, you’re going to gain the ability to choose what emotions you want to feel so you no longer lose yourself in feelings of anger, frustration, depression, worry, or any of the other feelings that have been clutching at you.
  • Using a powerful and unique strategy, you’ll be able to discern what is really true about what you’re feeling and thinking, and which of those feelings and thoughts have actually been causing you pain and heartache.
  • Once you experience how to choose your emotions and use the simple but impactful strategy for testing their validity, you’ll be ready and able to let go of fears and projections that have kept you their prisoner.


Are you on an emotional roller coaster? The ability to choose what you’re feeling rather than being ruled by your feelings is yours after this module. This ability alone is a game changer as it empowers you to take charge of how you feel every day, all day long.

No matter what you’ve been trying to accomplish in your professional life, when you’re emotionally and physically exhausted, making decisions and taking action can elude you. But once you start taking charge of your emotions, you gain the energy to sort out the issues that got you into this destructive state of mind in the first place.

Another way that emotions wreak havoc is by focusing your attention on your fears of what could happen if you don’t perform at the level you’ve been trying to hold onto through overwork and perfectionism. Using the exercises and wisdom in this module, you’ll free yourself of worst-case scenarios that rob you of your ability to enjoy life.

Module Three

Step 3: Break the Stress Habit


  • Identify and replace the coping mechanisms you’ve been using that have actually just been making things harder by recognizing that stress is a habit of perspective that you can and will break.
  • Change what you’re saying to yourself so you build yourself up instead of tearing yourself down by using the incredibly powerful tools of hearing and reframing self-talk.
  • Apply one of the easiest and most successful tools for counteracting stress by applying the perspective of gratitude so you instantly shift from feeling weighed down to feeling calm and level.


We all feel stress at different times, but when we feel it often, it actually becomes a habit—our default feeling. And every time we feel it, it ratchets up another notch. But the fact that it’s become a habit is actually a good thing, because it means we can break the habit and replace it with more effective coping mechanisms. Beating the stress habit is entirely within your control once you encounter and apply the series of powerful exercises and actions in this module. They’re specifically designed to help you hear what you’re saying to yourself that has been contributing to your stress and where you’re getting stuck. 

You’ll be able to hear what you’re saying to yourself that’s destructive and then—and this is so powerful—you’ll be able to adjust that internal dialogue so you are talking to yourself in a healthy, uplifting way. This will empower you to break emotional and mental chatter that keeps you from being able to think clearly and logically. You’ll soon replace the patterns of stress with calm, clarity, and confidence. Instead of dreading your days, you’ll embrace them because the Gratitude Attitude is the ultimate weapon against stress build-up.

Module Four

Step 4: Move from Negativity to Positivity


  • A process to see how you’ve been hurting yourself with your thoughts and actions will empower you to heal yourself so that you can move from the negativity sinkhole into the positivity halo.
  • After digging into the ways you’ve been contributing to your own stress and how to counteract that, you’ll be ready to conquer the negativity that’s been robbing you of your energy, motivation, and inspiration. Feel energized and positive again about yourself without the burden of destructive thoughts.
  • An easy but highly effective technique will enable you to recast negative thoughts into positive affirmations.
  • Use unique exercises to appreciate and celebrate who you are just as you are, without depending on your accomplishments to define how amazing you are.


When you just don’t care about your work anymore, it’s hard to convince yourself that anything matters. But after doing the four eye-opening and habit-breaking exercises in this module, you’ll be able to counteract the negativity and restore your ability to face the day with enthusiasm.

Taking the Perfectionism Test will help you see how expectations have been contributing to your feelings of overwhelm, burnout, and negativity. After this test, you’ll be able to accept yourself just as you are—an incredible relief—and to celebrate your amazing accomplishments. This module is reassuring, comforting, and uplifting. You’ll feel energized and positive again about yourself and your work.

Module Five

Step 5: Reverse the Exhaustion


  •  A unique perspective on perfectionism will relieve you from cycles of psychological exhaustion and decrease the demands on your time.
  • You’ll tune into what’s keeping you from sleeping and break the habit of waking up throughout the night. After one insightful exercise, you’ll be able to identify and change attitudes that have been contributing to your mental, physical, and emotional exhaustion.
  • Consistently sleep better using a unique visualization that keeps your daily activities from interfering with your sleep.


Reaching the point of burnout comes from putting out too much energy without investing enough energy in yourself to keep going. You’ve burned more fuel than you’ve put in your emotional, physical, intellectual, and spiritual gas tank. You have to relearn how to take care of yourself and reverse those feelings of being demoralized and exhausted. After this module, you’ll recognize and break those negative patterns that have been wearing you down.

Expanding on what you gleaned in Module 4 about perfectionism, you’ll let go of the “right way” mentality that’s been keeping you worn out trying to be perfect. You’ll be able to let go of what’s unimportant and delegate better what is important, and those simple steps will begin to reverse your exhaustion. You’ll learn tips for sleeping better and clearing out the mental clutter that’s been wiping you out. Once you’re resting better, your feelings of overwhelm and burnout will naturally diminish.

Module Six

Step 6: Restore Meaning


  • Gain a clear understanding of what’s truly important to you in your life so that you can balance what gives you personal satisfaction with what gives you professional satisfaction using two highly unusual and incredibly effective exercises.
  • Using realizations gleaned from these powerful exercises, you’ll be able to see your life and priorities clearly enough to craft an actionable plan for meeting personal and professional goals, achieving and maintaining work-life balance, and taking the first steps toward long-term happiness.


When you’re burned out and overwhelmed, both work and home life can feel meaningless. It’s common to feel like all you’ve worked for is worthless as you lose sight of what you’ve gained from all the sacrifices you’ve made. In this module, you’ll use exercises that are unique to this program to shine a spotlight on what’s truly important to you, as well as to add a level of perspective and urgency that will intensify your determination and ability to change your life for the better.

Restore meaning and personal satisfaction to your life so that each day has hope and purpose, and you know definitively where and how to focus deeply to achieve your new goals.

There’s a saying that where your focus goes, your energy flows. In this module, you’ll fine-tune where you want to focus and how to achieve focus. You’ll restore your sense of purpose as you recognize all you’ve accomplished as well as what you truly want to still accomplish. You’ll find that you understand better where and what to focus on, and reclaiming meaning in your work and what you do outside of work will give you the energy you’ve been missing as you’ve given everything to the job. Aligning your focus, purpose, and meaning, you’ll find yourself looking forward to each day again and actually enjoying it.

Module Seven

Step 7: Regain & Maintain Control


  • Now that you’ve recognized what you want to focus on that will give your life meaning, you’ll set up daily practices that enable you to regain and maintain control over your emotions and intentions so that you can focus consistently.
  • You’ll use two proprietary techniques in addition to everything you’ve been practicing so that you can increase your capacity to resist the whirlwind of day-to-day life and maintain your peace of mind no matter what’s happening.


Regain control in professional and personal life by adjusting how much time you give to the things that matter vs. the things that aren’t important, and gain the ability to be present for the actual moment you’re experiencing. Being present for the moment you’re in isn’t some “woo woo” state of mind. It’s a mindset that enables you to swiftly sort out and discard those emotional reactions that lead to stress and tension. It’s a way of thinking and feeling that reduces overwhelm, burnout, and mental exhaustion. With practical mindfulness—mindfulness you can easily apply to anything you’re doing—you can restore and maintain your control over your professional and personal life without sacrificing your peace of mind.

Being able to embrace whatever is happening in the moment so that you can manage it efficiently and without drama is a new habit you’ll be cultivating in this module. You can have a truly happy life only to the extent that you’re aware of everything around you and within you so that you can respond to the important things and let go of the unimportant things. This module shifts you further away from any destructive chatter in your head and keeps you from being swept away in the whirlwind of your busy life with daily habits that are emotionally healthy and easy to practice and master.

Module Eight

Step 8: Create Work-Life Balance


  • As you gain control over your emotions, passions, intentions, and your energy, you’ll be ready to make the time for yourself again. Three powerful exercises will give you perspective and show you where you can gain valuable time to nurture your own well being.
  • Clarify what are the most important things for you to focus on at work and home, as well as what you need to be delegating, then use two time-tested strategies to improve your focus on those things.
  • Increase and improve your focus and productivity by using a powerful business strategy and applying it to both your professional and personal life for higher satisfaction in both areas.


This module is all about giving you tools to create work-life balance now that you’ve worked through the immediate and overwhelming emotions and exhaustion, begun daily practices to sustain your peace of mind, and put the most important things in your life at the forefront instead of things you never get around to paying attention to. You’ll begin the process of clarifying where you’ve been spending time and energy at work that doesn’t matter to you so you can start adjusting your work time vs. your personal time. Armed with these insights, you’ll start creating work-life balance that gives you the breathing room and personal satisfaction you crave.

You’ll have the tools to make time for yourself again rather than giving everything just to your work. At the same time, you’ll regain and improve your focus by applying your energy to the most important things in your work and home life rather than scattering it across multiple fronts that aren’t going to reward you for your efforts. You’ll explore what is adding value to your life and what’s been subtracting value from it so you can prioritize. You’ll understand how to get more out of your day. You’ll apply principles and strategies of deep focus on wildly important goals—the ones you’ve identified as significant and worthy of your time and attention. Work-Life Balance will be revealed as a series of decisions and choices within your control.

Module Nine

Step 9: Bring It All Together


  • By now your feelings of burnout and overwhelm will be diminished to a point where you can integrate additional strategies that will enable you to sustain the feelings of calm and control.
  • Feel good about yourself, your life, and your work as you create reachable, wildly important goals and a method for achieving them that is simple and profoundly effective.
  • Increase your productivity personally and professionally using the 4DX methodology but without the same pressure you’ve felt in years past. Look forward to challenges that are engaging and satisfying but not all-consuming, whether you stay in your current position or decide to move on.
  • Feel healthy, rested, and energetic—and sustain that feeling as you take steps to love yourself unconditionally now—and forever.


Put the finishing touches on designing a life you love and can sustain. Launch to the next level in your life by integrating everything you’ve accomplished in these 9 weeks into a solid and achievable plan for maintaining meaning, supporting your own self care, and staying focused on the things that matter. Permanently break the habit of stress and feed your new habits of emotional and physical wellness. Feel motivated because you have meaning in your life, you’ve recovered from exhaustion, and you’ve sharpened your focus on your wildly important goals.

Develop momentum that further energizes you as you work and play. Expand your vision for a happy future and take the steps to set that future in motion. Continue to design your life and work so that it’s truly satisfying. Create a culture of celebrating yourself and your wins, and of letting go of anything that interferes with a strong sense of self worth. As you move forward after the unique exercises in this module, you’ll feel empowered, positive, refreshed, calm, and in control. Embrace the 4 Agreements and go all in on a better life. Be fully prepared to overcome future obstacles, manage change, and transform the status quo.

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