Have you ever felt like you were going to go crazy waiting in line, waiting for someone, or waiting for something? It seems sometimes like half our life is spent waiting for stuff to happen, whether it’s for a file to load on our computers or the line at Starbucks to move faster.

This is especially trying when we’re feeling overwhelmed and burned out already.

If our attitude about waiting is negative, we lose a lot of our precious time to frustration and anger—when we could instead engage our mind in positive thinking.

Here’s an example. One spring I had scheduled most of my week to work on taxes. Instead, I spent two full days helping my nephew get surgery on his broken wrist. As we sat waiting for the procedure, he said, “I guess your day is a total waste. Sorry to ruin it.”

I replied that it was fine and that I was fine. I was happy to help, and I meant it. No hidden resentment, no frustration, no mentally churning about how much time I was losing. I was in Zen waiting mind, and I just embraced what we were doing.

Helping him was what mattered most—and second to that, was putting him at ease.

My willingness and ability to just accept what was going on, including the “lost” time, eased his stress. And it certainly cured mine!

Try this: Flip your thinking from “wasting time” to “appreciating time.”

The next time you sense frustration or tension about having to wait for something or someone, look around you for something of beauty or interest. Focus on that. Take a deep breath, and let the tension flow out of you.

You can even view it as a mini-vacation—a few moments of rest. After all, isn’t that what waiting really is?

It’s all about perspective, and that’s always in your control.

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