We all go through times when we feel emotional pain. These days that’s often diagnosed as “depression,” even if we’re having a perfectly normal reaction to the things we’re going through. Once there’s a “diagnosis,” then a prescription for anti-depressants often follows.

There are times when anti-depressants truly help. But much—or maybe even most of the time—we don’t need them. What we need instead is to feel the pain so we can learn from it and grow.

When we block our pain, it gets stuck inside us—in our bodies in the form of stress and illness. And it gets stuck in our hearts as a closed door to the opportunity to learn how to navigate life’s turbulent moments. Coaching can help you get unstuck.

In fact… What if, instead of doctors telling us, “You need to be on medication,” they said, “You need to be on MEDITATION”! We would change. The world would change.

Try this: The next time you are feeling sad and/or “depressed,” give yourself 10 minutes (set a timer) to just FEEL everything that’s churning in you. Let yourself cry, if you need to.

When the timer goes off, reset it for 10 minutes. Spend this time meditating. All you need to do to meditate is to be still and breathe deeply. You can also say something simple and positive with each inhalation and exhalation, such as, “I breathe in calm. I breathe out joy.” OR, “I breathe in my hurt. I breathe out healing.”

Recognize your feelings, acknowledge your feelings, FEEL your feelings, and you can begin to control your feelings.

In the meantime, feel what you have to feel and then shift to what you want to feel!

If you’d like to start meditating instead of medicating, try my 5-minute guided visualization, free when you sign up: https://bit.ly/3y49yPc.

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